Who we are

At Indus Health, technically, we are a medical travel program administrator. But we find that most people find that term confusing. What we doday in and day outis provide a way for our patients (employees of our clients) to access exceptional surgical options to help them feel healthier and happier. At no cost to them. Sound too good to be true? We get that a lot.

Since 2005, we have worked with companies and their their self-insured health insurance plans to provide a way to obtain affordable, high-quality medical care overseas. Due to the growing popularity of our program and overwhelming response to the positive outcomes, we have developed programs in world-class hospitals in Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, and Cancun.


We believe competition is healthy

We see a problem with health care as it currently stands. The number of under-insured is growing and the ability to access care is being compromised at a faster rate. This is creating an epidemic for acute care.

By providing solutions to help close the gap between insurance coverage and effective care, we are able to help employers deal with the crippling cost of healthcare and employees to receive the care they need when the need it. To quote a recent Forbes article regarding healthcare cost containment:

“According to many of the world’s largest institutional investors, the current financial system is failing to manage the systemic risk created by its obsessive focus on short-term profit and willingness to externalize costs onto society. According to this thinking, this market failure threatens long-term returns because it threatens the long-term health of society on which those returns depend.”

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Unique Experience

Since we’ve started in 2005, we’ve been focused on creating a network of top-notch providers and super-specialty hospitals. With this network, we work with employers to provide their employees with access to exceptional surgical outcomes and experiences.

Cost Savings

Every day, we talk to employers about how they can save money on health care costs.  For every 1,000 employees, we help employers save $400,000 on average a year by partnering with us.

Better Access

As an innovator in healthcare, we like thinking outside the box. We believe that by breaking the mold of traditional coverage, we can help simplify the process in how patients access healthcare.

Personalized Care

We believe that patients recover better, faster, and have a more positive experience when they feel comfortable. By focusing on making the experience tailored to their needs, we make recovery the center of everything we do.

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