Ashley Furniture On-Site Days

As a part of the Ashley Furniture health plan offering, Indus Health will be at the sites 1-4 employee picnic days.

  • Site 1 – May 4, from 3-5pm
  • Site 2 – May 11, from 2-4pm
  • Site 3 – May 19, from 3-5pm
  • Site 4 – May 11, from 2-4pm

The Indus Health offering within our health plan provides our employees with much-needed surgical solutions—like joint replacements, rotator cuff surgery, back surgery, dental surgery, and more—at no additional cost.  Sound too good to be true? It’s note. We are thrilled to have sourced, vetted, and approved this uncommon and special offering to our people, because without them we wouldn’t be in business.

CEO Todd R. Wanek

What is Indus Health

IndUShealth is a medical travel program administrator. We work with companies and their self-insured health insurance plans to provide a way for you to obtain affordable, high-quality medical care overseas. We have developed comprehensive personalized travel and surgical treatment programs in world-class hospitals in Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, and Cancun.


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