Client 123 Meet and Greet with Surgeons

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As a part of the Client 123 health plan, the HR department will be offering meet and greet sessions with Indus Health surgeons. To participate, employees must sign up for specific dates and times. Please reach out to HR with your preference.

  • Site 1 – May 4, from 3-5pm
  • Site 2 – May 11, from 2-4pm
  • Site 3 – May 19, from 3-5pm
  • Site 4 – May 11, from 2-4pm

The Indus Health offering gives our employees excellent alternative ways to receive expensive surgeries. We don’t want our people waiting until it’s too late to receive the best care possible, and not to worry about the cost. This is truly unprecedented at Client 123. I can’t think of why someone wouldn’t take advantage of this program if they needed it. I know I would.

CEO John Doe

What is Indus Health

IndUShealth is a medical travel program administrator. We work with companies and their self-insured health insurance plans to provide a way for you to obtain affordable, high-quality medical care overseas. We have developed comprehensive personalized travel and surgical treatment programs in world-class hospitals in Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, and Cancun.


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